Top 5 Table Service Restaurants at Disney World

A trip to Disney World is as much about the food as it is the theme parks and a delicious dining experience can be found at almost every turn. Choosing a restaurant can be a tough call and the best approach is to do your research and plan ahead. There is no shortage of top Disney restaurant lists out there, but as a die hard Disney enthusiast, I feel compelled to share my favorites with the world. So, in an effort to help you make the most of your Disney dining experience, here are my top 5 must visit restaurants that add to the magic every single time.

Jane’s Top 5 Disney Restaurant Picks


#5  Biergarten

Location:  Epcot World Showcase, Germany Pavilion


BiergartenVisit this spot and you will be captivated by charming Bavarian scenery and boisterous entertainment. I’m astonished that this pick doesn’t make it on most top WDW dining lists as it offers some of the finest culinary selections Disney World has to offer. This buffet style restaurant includes a wide variety of traditional German sausages, potatoes, salads, desserts and more. Are the kids not fans of ethnic food? Not to worry. Biergarten has chicken wings as well as some of the best mac and cheese around. Warning to fellow introverts: The tables are all 8 tops and if you’re a group of 6 or less, you will likely be seated with another party. This can be awkward at first, but once the entertainment begins, all eyes are on the Oompah band and the pressure to make conversation is off.


#4  Boma

Location:  Animal Kingdom Lodge

Not only is the dinner buffet at Boma my favorite in all of Disney World, its breakfast buffet, in my opinion, offers a superior spread to all other Disney breakfast buffets. The restaurant is designed to resemble an African marketplace and is impressively decorated with authentic art and accents. With its many African inspired dishes and interesting seasonings, the dinner buffet will more than satisfy those with an adventurous palate. There are also plenty of traditional American offerings for those who prefer the familiar. Boma is a bit pricey, but you can’t go wrong and you definitely won’t go hungry. My favorite dinner items are the steak and stewed tomatoes and onions. As for breakfast, the sausage has a nice kick to it and the corn beef hash might be the best I’ve ever tried. Tip: If you go there for breakfast, definitely spring for the French press coffee.


#3  Kona

Location:  Polynesian Resort

Kona RoomKona is often overlooked as a top dining spot due to its location next to ‘Ohana, its’ wildly popular neighbor known for family style dining and cultural ambiance. I mean, who doesn’t love to enjoy dinner while being serenaded by a man with a ukulele? Though the musical act doesn’t wander next door to Kona, there are still many fantastic features which land this place at #3 on my list. First off, it is sedate in comparison to ‘Ohana, which can be a plus after a full day at the parks. Secondly, the entrée selections are unique with South Pacific inspired cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else at Disney. I go back time and time again for the Coffee Rubbed Pork Chop, which gets all A’s in the thick, tender and flavorful categories. Finally, as much as I love dinner at Kona, I think breakfast is the real draw. Why force yourself to choose between the Tonga Toast and the Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes? Order both. You won’t regret it. So don’t let the lure of ‘Ohana keep you from giving Kona a chance. The food is fabulous and the desserts are my favorite in all of Disney World.


#2  ‘Ohana 

Location:  Polynesian Resort


Ohana SignAs great as Kona is, I have to give the edge to ‘Ohana. The food between the two is a standoff; however, Ohana is such a fun and lively environment with so many unique features that make the experience unforgettable. When you first enter the restaurant, your eye is drawn to a giant cooking fire in the center of the room where the cooks busily prepare a variety of delicious grilled meats. ‘Ohana overlooks the Seven Seas Lagoon and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat by the window with a view of Cindrella’s castle! There’s a ukulele player who wanders the restaurant strumming and singing, which adds to the South Pacific vibe. The meal is Churascaria style, which means the entrees are served from skewers that the staff brings right to your table. You’ll be offered endless pork, steak and shrimp with flavorful dipping sauces. Also included are lo mein noodles, vegetables, dumplings and salad. To top it all off, the meal ends with mouth watering caramel bread pudding. What makes this dining spot a real treat, especially for the little ones, are the limbo contests, the dancing, the races and all the extra special touches that add to the lively atmosphere. If you time it right, you can view the Magic Kingdom fireworks right from your table!

Fire Pit at 'Ohana

Fire Pit at ‘Ohana







#1 San Angel

Location:  Epcot World Showcase, Mexico Pavilion

When it comes to ambiance, San Angel beats all others hands down.  This gem is located in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion and it’s more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience.  Inside the Aztec Temple, you will find a marketplace reminiscent of a Mexican village as well as a river which adds to the feeling that you’re somewhere far away and exotic. The restaurant is dimly lit which creates a romantic, relaxing atmosphere.  I cannot imagine a trip to Disney that didn’t include San Angel.  We usually make it our grand finale stop on our last night.  I am so enamored by the ambiance I almost forgot to mention the food.  I order the Carne Asada almost every time and I have yet to be disappointed.  The tortilla soup is delicious and the caramel ice cream is to die for!

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